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Dancing Kusudama
Creators: Katrin & Yuri Shumakov
paper - 2002

Here you can learn oribana, the beautiful art form of arranging of paper flowers in a paper vase, which brings arts of origami and ikebana together. Read articles about oribana and receive practical skills in folding origami models and creating oribana arrangements.

To fold some paper flowers and vases, please, visit Oriland Origami Studio


Also get inspiration ideas with Oribana Calendar!


An originally designed Calendar Box will help you to keep up with the times, decorate your desk and be practical as well by storing pens and pencils! Just print on A4 or Letter-size paper and fold your Oribana Calendar! Many designs to choose from.

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ORILAND - What Origami Can Be!
ORIBANA - uniting Origami and Ikebana!
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