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Fresh Attitude
Creators: Katrin & Yuri Shumakov
paper - 2004

Get to know more about Oribana, origin of the term ‘Oribana’, about the authors and more.

By combining our fascination with the remarkable arts of Origami and Ikebana, we began to create paper flower arrangements in paper vases in the 1990s. At that time, we wanted to think up a special descriptive word for them. We took two words: "Origami" and "Ikebana," united them, and the beautiful word "ORIBANA" resulted. Since then the term ORIBANA is widely used in Origami community especially among those who love floral themes.

So, we are defining the term ORIBANA as a branch of Origami consisting of the creation of flower arrangements and directly as an arrangement of paper flowers in a paper vase.

By using paper branches, leaves, grasses, and flowers, Oribana tries to show the beauty resulting from color combinations, graceful lines, natural shapes, and the meaning latent in the entire form of the Oribana arrangement.

Largely exposing this theme on the Internet in our earlier origami websites and then on our award-winning websites “Travel to Oriland” and “Oriland.com”, we displayed our Oribana designs on origami exhibitions in different countries across the globe. We also produced books and several CDs on Oribana (available at Oriland Store) that are our bestselling ones; they are always popular with enthusiasts who love origami and flowers.

We hope you will enjoy looking at our Oribana arrangements and try reproducing these arrangements for pleasure, for a gift or for your home interior, as well as creating your own original Oribana arrangements.

In the meantime, to see our Oribana arrangements, please, visit Oribana Pavilion at the Oriland Gallery. To see photos from our recent exhibitions, please, visit Oriland

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